Monday, September 24, 2007

Dead dryer

Our clothes dryer is dead. It lived a long and giving life, serving in at least four cities and two different owners. MIL gave us the washer/dryer set when we got married, since she was moving to a place where they were included around the same time. It lasted us a good 9+ years, and DH swears they are at least 25 years old, and it is possible they are over 30. A good long life.

But that doesn't make me any happier when I have a huge pile of wet clothes (thankfully the very last load we washed this weekend, so every other thing we own is clean; and even those are clean, just still damp). And I'm also rather miffed that it couldn't decide to do this, you know, back when I had a JOB! GRRR Given that the washer and dryer are the same age (i.e. ancient), we figure we may as well go on and replace both, rather than having to go through all of this again in the near future (probably sometime super-inconvenient, like Christmas). There are just better times to get hit with a $1000 expense (give or take) than now. Then again, I suppose there are worse times as well (we *can* afford it, it just means we have to put off paying off DH's student loan another couple of months). It could also be much much worse; it could be the car instead of the dryer! Guess I shouldn't complain.
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