Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Luke's first homework

We're still chugging along on speech therapy. Today we got our first specific homework assignment: a worksheet for the "D" sound. Apparently, this is pretty common: when he tries to say words that begin with a D, he pronounces it like a G (as in "go," not the J-like sound). If she is going through words and asks him to mimic her, he will make the D sound. So, if she points to a picture and says "Luke, these are dots. Can you say dots?", he says it correctly. She will move on and ask him to say a couple more D words, but when she then comes back to dots not even a minute later and says "Luke, what are these?", he responds with "gots." So it's not that he can't say it (since he does successfully mimic the sound), it's that he isn't doing it spontaneously on his own. He does do it correctly for some words (like Daddy), but not most of them.

They are also working on some of the more conceptual stuff. Right now, it is the concept of all, some, and "the rest" (meaning those remaining). Man, all the things you forgot that you actually had to learn at some point! I don't know how people do this for a living. Just watching her work with him, I'm ready to pull my hair out. I know it is a difficult concept, I do! He gets "all" and "the rest" just fine. It's "some" that is tripping him up, and understandably. If I sit and try to think how to explain it, I can't really, certainly not in a way that a nearly 3-year-old can understand. It's the small things like that that we don't even remember having to learn; they are so much a part of us they are second nature. And it frustrates me to watch him struggle with things like that. I'm not frustrated with him, I'm just frustrated that I can't think of a way to help him, other than just to practice (which makes me frustrated as he struggles.... it's a vicious cycle).

Sorry, y'all. I know this isn't the most chipper post in the world. I'm just feeling really bummed today. The fact that he is suddenly having sleep issues certainly isn't helping any (those on the board have already heard about them). I nearly ground my teeth to nubbins listening to him scream and cry in his crib for the better part of 90 minutes last night (yes we checked on him).

And then my brother and I had to cancel lunch plans *again* today. We've only been trying to go to lunch together for, what, 5 weeks now? And one or the other of us has had to cancel the day of every single week (for perfectly legitimate reasons). Sheesh. So I come home to make myself some risotto for lunch, but I use a new parmesan cheese I bought, and it is practically flavorless (the cheese, and thus the resulting risotto). That will teach me to stray from a brand that I adore! And it was a whole lot soupier (is that a word?) than normal; I guess I didn't wait long enough between additions of broth. I was so disappointed! Don't get me wrong, I still ate it, but it wasn't the wonderful indulgent escape I thought it would be.

Edited to add: The day isn't a total loss. It is stunningly beautiful outside! Comfortably warm in the sun, but the breeze is cool, and dry leaves are starting to skitter around and go "crunch" underfoot. Fall is just around the corner! Guess I need to get Luke some pants and a jacket, no? LOL

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  1. I'm glad that he is doing better. I hope that things start to click for him soon to help relieve some of your frustration. My brother had a hard time with "some" as well. My mom always said that it was because he was an all or nothing kid but who knows for sure.

  2. Yup, "soupier" is a word, at least as far as I'm concerned. And there's nothing worse than spending time on a recipe that sounds soooo good and having it turn out bland. Except possibly, making something you've made before and loved, and it somehow goes wrong.

    Glad Luke is making some progress. I can certainly understand your frustration; I'd react the same way!


  3. Erin, *hugs* - it does sound frustrating, but hopefully it does click for him soon.

    And I would worry if we all had bouncy happy posts all the time! ;)

    Sorry to hear about his sleep issues, I heard somewhere that sometimes sleep problems out of nowhere can be because the child is on the verge of learning something new, or struggling to understand something - not sure if it fits in your situation though, it never has to mine anyway.

    Anyway, hugs again. :)


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