Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'll blame my brother

It's really all his fault. He's the one who convinced me to start watching Heroes. We'll ignore the fact that I haven't actually watched any of it. It is being recorded on my DVR. In hi-def even (thus taking up an insane amount of space). I don't want to start in on Season 2 until I've seen Season 1. Yeah, I'm weird like that! LOL But how are we going to do that? Well, Jacob sent out a "family invite" from Netflix, which gives me a one month free subscription instead of just two weeks like normal. I now have all 7 discs of Heroes Season 1 in my queue. I have no earthly idea what else to put in there! LOL Well, that's not true, I did add two movies, one of my own choosing (Miss Potter) and one on Jacob's recommendation (Bobby). After that, who knows.

We probably won't keep the subscription once our free month is up. Haven't decided yet. Should probably discuss it with DH, no? We already have a pay channel that we quite enjoy. Don't use it as much as we used to (or as much as we should to justify the cost), but I don't see having a pay channel *and* Netflix. One or the other, sure, but not both. I suppose Netflix makes more sense in many ways. I do believe it is the more "logical" choice (insert pointy ears and eyebrow raise here). But I also know I'm more likely to go "hey, look, that movie I wanted to see starts in 10 minutes!" than to have to wait three days for the movie of choice to arrive. I just need to ponder it some more.

Oh, and new washer/dryer arrive tomorrow!

Currently feeling: flixed (yes, I know that's not really a word, and I don't care! LOL)


  1. Love my Netflix. Have over 150 titles in queue. Constantly rearrange. Who needs HBO?

    For the sudden impulse stuff, I either do Netflix stream (if it's available there) or run up the street to the family owned video rental place. But I don't get too many impulses like that.

  2. Don't know what else to put in your queue???? Are you mad, woman? =) Just kidding. But think...every TV show you loved as a kid is out on DVD. And you don't have to buy them...they just show up and you send them off again, wondering how you ever watched "Buck Rogers" without laughing yourself silly. Plus, you can add those tween comedies that you'd never pay even $5 to rent. =)

    We have 176 right now!

    And PS--If you don't finish Heroes before your trial expires, we own the set. =)

  3. heroes is worth it. you will love it!


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