Sunday, February 17, 2008

And the sick get sicker

I just don't see how this is fair. DH decided to bring home some kind of 7-day flu bug last weekend that took hold of me fairly quickly. Fever, exhaustion, aches, the works, though none of those symptoms were as bad as they could have been. DH missed work on Monday, I missed work on Wednesday (due more to fatigue than anything), but by Thursday, I was doing much better, though I was starting to sniffle, which was a new symptom.

Friday, he was mostly better, but I was doing my best Bette Davis impression; even my boss said she hardly recognized my voice on our conference calls. But other than sounding off, I still felt okay. Or so I thought. As the day progressed, I started feeling worse and worse and worse. By the time we left to eat dinner at Mexican (our standard Friday routine: Mexican, then groceries), I was feeling pretty rotten, and I thought my head was going to explode from sinus pressure. We didn't even make it to the grocery store on Friday, I felt so bad by the end of dinner, and I crawled into bed around 8:30, sleeping until 1 PM on Saturday (do I have the best husband or what?). Just for the record, DH seems to have a bit of a lingering cough from the flu thing, but he says he feels fine. No respiratory issues for him. Pppbbbtttt.

I got up on Saturday and started popping decongestants (which I am not supposed to do due to my blood pressure; I was taking half the recommended dose, though) just to survive, but with them, I was managing somewhat okay for a couple hours at a time. But again, as they day progressed, I started getting worse and worse, the decongestants hardly making a dent, even at full strength. I had also progressed from a dry cough to a congested one. This cannot be happening! We're supposed to leave for Disney in just over 2 weeks. I cannot be sick (sniffles are livable, but not sick like this). I am also terrified that Luke won't start manifesting symptoms until too close to the trip to get anything done, and I don't think a sick 3-year-old will have or be much fun at the Mouse House.

Today, I am feeling even worse than I was yesterday, if that is possible. I feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest, my nose is red and sore from blowing it so much, my throat feels like I have swallowed broken glass, and my head still feels ready to split open at any minute. Oh, and my right ear hurts and I've started sneezing! Joy. The lymph nodes under my jaw are also big enough for me to feel (which is rare; I'd say they're large marble sized or so) and quite sore. That can't be good. If I were to self-diagnose, I'd say I definitely have a sinus infection, with bronchitis and an ear infection in the midst of developing. We'll see what my doctor says. I intend to call first thing on Monday and get the first available appointment, whether it is with my usual doctor or not. This just cannot wait any longer, given the rate of deterioration over the last couple of days. Wish me luck for an early appointment (preferably with my own doctor), and that the drugs work both quickly and effectively.
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  1. Oh bleh :( Hope you get much better very soon, and that Luke either gets the nasty quickly or not at all. Hugs :)

  2. Hmm. My OpenID settings are a bit off. Sorry about that, it was me, above!


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