Monday, February 25, 2008

Pop pop, fizz fizz

And suddenly, my ear can hear! To me, one of the worst things about having an ear infection is that it takes forever for my body to decide that the antibiotics really are working and it can allow me to hear again. After gurgling most of the day Saturday and all day Sunday, it finally decided to go on and pop for good about half way through the Oscars last night. I didn't get a ballot done this year, since I honestly forgot they were on until about an hour before hand. I would have scored just under 50%, I think, purely by guessing and listening to buzz. I'm starting to feel like I should relinquish my Movie Muse title. I haven't reviewed a film since June, and I've actually been to the theater and seen a few on DVD or OnDemand since then. I'm so sad.

Currently feeling: blah

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  1. Yay for ear infections going away. And I forgot the Oscars were on until MONDAY MORNING. (But I was really hoping the writers' strike would keep going and they'd have to cancel, so it wasn't a great loss to me!


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