Friday, February 29, 2008

Wacky Leap Day

I sure hope your Leap Day 2008 was a little more.... normal than mine. Everyone and everything just seemed unusually crazed today. My favorite thing, though, was this, which *definitely* falls under the category of "things you don't want to see when you arrive to pick up your child from daycare," don't you think?

Why yes, that is an ambulance (actually a fire/rescue unit; the ambulance arrived as we were leaving). Given that my son has already had two ER-worthy (though thankfully not ambulance-worthy) injuries at this facility, my heart naturally leapt into my throat a bit, but when the director walked right past me without reacting as I walked through the door, I knew at least it wasn't my child involved (this time). Turns out one of the older kids in the after school program (he was probably 9-ish) was horsing around and fell head first off something on the playground (slide or monkey bars, depending on who you asked) and landed on the asphalt. They said he probably has a mild concussion, but he is expected to be fine. How much you want to bet that it will be *my* kid in about 5-6 years? That's what I thought.

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