Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Self-diagnosis was essentially correct

I definitely have bronchitis and an ear infection, and I might have some kind of sinus thing going on. There is some viral respiratory thing running around, but apparently it follows a very specific progression, and this isn't it. She thinks the bacterial bronchitis bug snuck in there when my "defenses were down" from the flu bug. BP was 120/82, so that was good, but my heart rate was like 125! YIKES! She thinks that is from all the trouble I'm having breathing with the bronchitis(and maybe a little from the decongestant (yes, the one I am allowed to take!)), even though my oxygen saturation was 98%. She wants me to wait 5 days for the antibiotics to take effect, then take my pulse again. If it's not way down, I'm to call back. The down side (and it is admittedly very minor) is I have to take a 10-day antibiotic. Waahh, I hate those. It is such a pain to take it twice a day with food for 10 stinkin' days. I much prefer the Z-pack, 4 days (or is it 5?) once a day and done! But, since she's trying to kill the bronchitis, the ear infection, and the possible sinus thing all in one shot, I have to take the heavy-duty drugs for a long time. She said I should be good to go for Disney, though.

Currently feeling: ready to be better


  1. Sorry you're feeling sick Erin. Glad to hear you'll probably be ready for your trip. I'll be awaiting the trip report of course! :)

  2. Oh dear! I hope you'll feel better soon...also hoping that Luke doesn't come down with anything before your trip. Take care of yourself!

  3. Those Z Packs never work for me. They just mean I'm going to feel better for a couple days, then be sick for longer. I hope you get better and use your mommy powers to beat the germs into submission before they hit Luke!!


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