Friday, April 11, 2008

Arkansas 2008 Part 1: The El Dorado Warrens

Edited to add: Okay, fixed this on 4/13/2008 so that it is in the format I originally intended. Sorry to switch it up on you like that. It has a few "extra pages" that were not there the first time, if you would care to watch it again. It's about 4 minutes long.

I decided to do a montage for these photos. Most of them are of Luke on the plane, family buildings (current or former), family land, family plots, and family members. The older gentleman featured in so many of the photos is my paternal grandfather, 88 years old and returning to the homestead for the first time in nearly 15 years. He is the only one of his branch of the family who ever left Arkansas for good (a few left for various wars but came back). Oh, and one family member belongs to the Cairo (that's KAY-roh) VFD, and he insisted on taking Luke for an up-close and personal look at a real life fire truck. I think "Uncle" Johnny (actually my father's first cousin) has made a friend for life! After this portion of the trip, my parents, brother, and grandfather all headed back to Georgia. My little threesome stayed in Little Rock for a few more days. That slide show will be next. Hope you enjoy!

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