Monday, April 07, 2008

I might need a live rooster (potty training)

I realize I am about to jinx the whole thing, but it seems that Luke may *finally* be officially potty trained (daytime, and maybe night time). He will jump up in the middle of doing most anything and announce "I need to potty!" He races to the door and is very insistant on doing it himself. "Get out, Daddy! I do it by myself!" He even wakes up more mornings than not with a dry pull-up (though he does still sleep through "number 2"). He seems to have more wet issues with nap than night for some reason. Anyway, we told him that we will tell his teachers that he is a big boy now and can go potty, and if he does good this week and keeps his pull-ups dry, he can wear "super big boy pants" (i.e. underwear) to school next week.

Now please pass the live rooster, just in case. (That would be a very oblique reference to Bull Durham, for those still wondering.)

Currently feeling: please please please let it be so


  1. Yay! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. That is not faith, mon. That is desperation. ;-)

    (or something like that. I forget the exact quote at the moment.)


  3. I have three boys. I had difficulty potty training all three of them. For each one, a different incentive was found to encourage them to stay dry. The key to potty training my autistic son was "Big boy underwear". He had gone through all the trainers I had, so I put him in "Big boy" underwear while I washed a load of clothes. He NEVER had another accident after that!


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