Sunday, April 13, 2008

But where are the grapes?

Another example of how things that are perfectly logical to adults can make absolutely no sense to a child. We had Olive Garden today for lunch. As we waited for our table (not even 5 minutes), we sat in a little alcove that had two benches and the Olive Garden Logo done in 3-D on the wall. For those unfamiliar with this logo, allow me to share:

So, Luke looks up at the wall and says "cherries!" First off, please note that the logo in the restaurant did have a much redder appearance than the one above (at least how it appears on my screen). Much more of a red wine color, in fact. Appropriate, no? Secondly, I have no idea who taught him that word, because we certainly don't eat or discuss cherries around here. Maybe they are working on fruits and vegetables at school? Anyway, we gently correct him and let him know that they are actually grapes, not cherries. "Grapes?" Yes, grapes. He seems satisfied, they call us back to our table, and the moment flies right out of my head, never to be mentioned on the blog. Until we sit down.

Me: "Luke, what do you want for lunch?"
Luke: "Grapes!"
Me, puzzled: "Grapes? But they don't have grapes."
Luke: "You said grapes!"

Well, indeed I did. He was totally unconvinced that they didn't have grapes. We finally just went with "they are out of grapes today," having no other reasonable explanation that he could understand. And from his perspective, I can totally understand his confusion! Why on earth would a restaurant advertise something on their sign, to the point that it is part of their official logo, if they do not carry that item on the menu? LOL Kids. Gotta love it.

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  1. Logical thinking at age 3.5! That's my grandson!

  2. heh! But what on earth do you have against cherries? (I mean, I know they'd have to be pitted first for Luke to eat them, but I'm pretty sure I already had a taste for maraschinos at his age, at least!!)

  3. That's hilarious! I guess you'll have to explain the wine-making process when he gets older! :)


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