Monday, December 08, 2008

409 is Mightier Than the Pen

In which we learn not to leave Luke with a pen in the back seat.

We thought he was finally old enough to be allowed pen and paper while in the car; guess not.

And we must learn to clean up our own messes.

Formula 409 got a lot of it, and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser got most of the rest. You can still see it, though, and I can't figure out why almost all of it came off the "flat" of the armrest, but it really wouldn't budge from the angled handle part. Weird.

Currently feeling: back to the drawing board


  1. I guess all Warren men have to go through a graffiti stage! Thankfully it wasn't red magic marker!

  2. When I saw that you used 409 I was going to also suggest Magic eraser, but sounds like you already did that too. Yes, we have had our share of cleaning pen off interesting surfaces too.


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