Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmastime: A Conversation with Luke

This is not good! And there was no dissuading him at the time. I hope he isn't going to be terribly disappointed.

Luke: It not Christmas yet.
Me: It's not? When will it be Christmas?
Luke: When it snows!
Me: Oh, sweetie, I highly doubt it. It just doesn't snow here.
Luke: Uh-huh. It snows on Christmas.

Currently feeling: oh dear!


  1. lol I'm sure he won't be turning you down on Christmas morning when it is present time. :) Katie is still convinced that Christmas is America's birthday and it is when we have fireworks that is Jesus birthday - there's no convincing her either.

  2. It snows presents!

  3. Get thee to Stone Mountain! Where the ultra-cheesy Snow Angel will make it rain soap suds!!! =)


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