Friday, December 05, 2008

I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick

The mall was practically deserted Wednesday evening. Even Santa's Village in the atrium was empty, with a "back at 6:30" sign sitting in the big chair. I left DH and Luke at the game store and headed off to the book store. As I neared my destination on the second level of the mall, I looked up to see Santa coming towards me. It was so empty, I was the only person within 100 feet. He was clearly on his way back to the village to resume his duties.

Now, I cannot think of many jobs in this world that have the potential to be as miserable as that of a mall Santa. Bratty children, bossy parents, bodily fluids of every kind. Oh I'm sure it has moments of greatness, but I can also see how someone could easily burn out quickly while doing it. At least he had a real beard (and a *very* nice outfit) so he didn't have to worry about that particular potential for disaster. I'll admit, he looked just like my childhood visions of Santa. I decided I would just give a little smile and nod politely as he passed if he made eye contact, just as I would to most anyone. But I also knew he was headed towards one of the most thankless jobs in the world, probably trying to work himself up for it, and if he had passed me without acknowledgement, I would not have been offended. But he didn't.

Instead, Santa met my eyes and broke out into a very warm and generous smile, almost like he knew me. He nodded, then wished me a very Merry Christmas, complete with a wink from his stunningly blue eyes. I may be 32 years old, but it was still made my heart flutter to have Santa speaking directly to me personally. I was touched that he just exuded such genuine kindness and sincerity. He was absolutely everything that Santa should be. Maybe I will put out a plate of cookies by the fireplace on Christmas Eve this year after all, just in case....

Currently feeling: starting to feel the Christmas spirit

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