Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stupid Human Tricks: A Gas Station Tale

Dude, seriously, if you want to blow yourself up, that's fine, but the rest of us would like to live. So do me a favor, okay? Next time you want to fill up your big honking SUV *with the engine still running,* please do it out in the middle of no where so the only person likely to get hurt by your stupidity is yourself. Thank you.

No, nothing actually happened, which tells you that they are probably designed to prevent stupid humans from blowing themselves up, but I was still looking for a hole to crawl in. I don't mind being scared for me; I DO mind being scared for my child.

Currently feeling: annoyed at idiots

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  1. Did anyone say anything to him? I assume this is a grown man who has filled many tanks in his life. I'm surprised you didn't say he was smoking or talking on his cell phone.


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