Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Go Fish!

It amazes me what Luke picks up at school sometimes. For a long while it was Power Rangers, which I actively resisted. Several months ago, it switched over to Bakugan, or as Luke calls it, "Battle Gun." He even made his own "cards" so he could play with the other kids at school. Somewhere along the way, he discovered Gormiti on television. It was our first "I saw it on TV and I must have it" thing. Considering we made it well past age 5 for that, I think we did quite great! So for finally sleeping in his room all night after being so scared at the first of the year, we got him a set. It is as close to Bakugan or Pokemon as we've gotten, but up until the last couple of weeks, he was content just to play with the figures. He finally decided today that he wanted to sit down and play with the cards, but the combination of needed to coordinate the powers and all the different numbers on the figures and the cards really had him frustrated.

So DH went down stairs and grabbed a standard deck of cards and decided to teach him to play Go Fish instead. (We used the Delta set, even!) This is something we've been meaning to do for a while, but we just never seemed to get around to it.

Luke picked it up really quickly. Other than having trouble holding his cards (DH had arranged them for him, right before the photo), which is pretty normal for kids his age, he did great! They only got to play one game, but Luke ended up with nearly twice the number of pairs as DH. Looks like we have another card sharp on our hands! Must run in the family or something, LOL. Next up: dominoes!

Currently feeling: aces!

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