Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fit to be tied

As I mentioned in the April 2010 Round Up, I managed to successfully guide Luke into tying his shoes in mid-April.

He could get most of it, but the final "tuck it under and pull" step to complete the bow was escaping him, and I was out of ideas on how to help him. Then came the long talk with his teacher about him being a kinesthetic learner (something I think I only mentioned in passing on the blog, but did not discuss in detail). Since he wasn't really sleeping during nap time at school (too busy moving around and sometimes causing trouble), she asked if it was okay with me to get him up half-way through rest time if he wasn't sleeping (he does on occasion) and work with him one-on-one on things like reading and anything else she could think of to hold his interest. I mentioned to her that he was frustrated trying to get the last step of tying his shoes. In less than a week, she had him doing it all by himself. He successfully tied both of his own shoes before school on May 6, and I caught it on video on Saturday.

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He is *so* proud of himself. He told every teacher at the center, and even greeters and waiters at restaurants. Given how frequently his shoes come untied, I'm not sure who is happier about this new skill, us or his teachers! LOL

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