Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phone Fashion (and free case)

The blue case for my Droid broke earlier this month. It wasn't even 60 days old. Admittedly, I didn't love my blue case, it was just the one I hated the least when we bought the phones. I kept meaning to go looking for one I liked better, but it wasn't a high priority, and I never made the time.

Fate decided to save me from my boring transparent blue case. Just one teeny-tiny sliver of blue plastic, about the size of a clipped fingernail, and the front frame would no longer stay put. I thought I could live with it, but no. It was driving me absolutely batty!! In less than two days, I was shopping for a new case. There were quite a few options, but I had absolutely no idea what I might want. I basically had a hard case, but I thought the silicone cases might be nice. And they weren't that expensive. In fact, most were nicer-looking and cheaper than the boring blue one had been, including my husband's discount! I narrowed the choices to three, one silicone and two hard, but I truly could not decide between them, so I got them all. I am so happy to finally feel like it looks like *my* phone, not just a phone. So what did I get?

First up, the silicone case. These mainly came in this diamond pattern or in solid colors. I finally settled on white (the front is solid clear, no white).

I think it looked okay (the white is a bit more pronounced in real life than in the photo), but I didn't like the way it fit. It wasn't snug enough for my tastes, and I didn't like the feel of it as much as I thought I might. It doesn't feel bad, just not preferred by my personal tactile senses. It is quite easy to get on and off, though, if you like switching them around, something I thought I might like to do, but I'll get to that in a minute. There is nothing wrong with it. It works fine and looks fine, it just isn't for me. I will, however, offer it for free to anyone reading this who might want it. If you want to research it for yourself, it is a White Amzer Jelly Silicone Skin Case for the Motorola Droid A855. Just drop me a comment or send me an email (erinmarie AT rocketmail DOT com). First come, first served; will ship to USA only, sorry. No affiliation with any of those companies, just offering a case that I no longer need to anyone who might like to have it.

Next up is the case that is probably the most obvious choice for me, the Mickey Mouse case.

There are several Disney cases available, and some of you may have expected me to pick the Pooh one, but I just didn't like most of them. They were a little to, well, bright and cartoonish. Yes, I realize they are Disney, and I realize they are cartoons, but I just didn't care for them. (Show me a Maleficent case, especially the dragon, and I'll be all over it!) But this one, I liked the look of. After getting it on my phone, I also very much like the feel of it. It has a very silky matte finish and a little bit of texture with the various layers of paint (or whatever it is). Very nice! The various patterns continue on the front face frame. It has a funky little bulge near the USB connection (you can see it sticking out there on the top right), which isn't a huge detractor, but is a small one. Definitely keeping this one.

However, the one I decided to go with for now is this one, the shooting stars:

Anyone who knows me well at all likely would have picked out this case for me (this or the Mickey). It is actually the least expensive of the three, but I really like it. Even Luke said "wow Mommy, cool phone!" LOL I like the color, I like the design, I like the stars (of course), and I particularlyl like that the design sort of wraps around to the front face:

I will say that it is incredibly difficult to get this case off! That is largely the reason that I didn't photograph the front of the other cases (couldn't get this one off to put them on). At least I know it won't come off accidentally. It also means that I won't be swapping them around like I thought I might do. I like the feel of the Mickey case better, but this one makes me cheery just looking at it. I can tell already that the finish isn't going to last. It is just painted right on top of the white plastic. (Not a criticism, just an observation. As I said, it was cheap.) I'm sure it will start to show the wear and tear of daily use rather quickly. I'll put on the Mickey case once this one gets so ratty I can't stand it, likely in less than a year. But for now, I'm really enjoying my bright and fun phone fashion.

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  1. Oh, I love the shooting stars! And the Mickey Mouse case is super cool--I like the retro argyle style of it. What a fun way to personalize your phone. Now if only i could get Nathan to put something funky on his new Droid phone :-) (not happening!!)


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