Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cute clothes!

For our big family trip to the North Carolina mountains, my parents drove up the weekend prior to help pack and prepare (we originally were leaving Sunday, but changed our minds to Monday instead). Since we had a day to "play," which is unusual, Mom and I went shopping. We started in downtown Decatur at a kitchen store, where I found 4 new bamboo spoons for $5 each (2 regular, 1 slotted, 1 corner spoon; love!). While walking from our parking space to the store and back, I got so hot in my jeans. I mentioned in passing to Mom that I really needed some new shorts. Except for the 2 pair I bought last year, mine are all 5+ years old. Capris would be even better, but I can never find any that fit and aren't too long (they usually end up looking like pants that are too short rather than capris). She insisted we go shopping for some before the trip, and I let her talk me into it because I figured we wouldn't find much.

I ended up with SIX new pairs of bottoms. That simply doesn't happen! Usually if I find any, it's just one or two (of the same style but in different colors, if I'm lucky). I got three pair of shorts (that I might actually wear in public) and three pair of capris (that look like capris, even!). Not only that, but it was all for less than $100! I also got an adorable new shirt, but it is USA-themed, so I'm saving it for July 4th. Not only do they fit, they're actually cute and a little trendy. Look out! LOL

One pair of shorts is just plain, but they fit quite well. The other two (same style and color; doesn't bother me) look like this:

One pair of capris is just navy cotton, and they aren't nearly as cute as the other two, plus I can't find a photo, so just take my word that they are comfy and okay, but I will try to wear them less frequently in public than the other two pair. These fit the best and look great:

But these are just plain adorable and I love them to death! No, that's not me in the picture (unfortunately). I'm looking at other stores to see if I can find another pair. The store where we were only had one pair that fit (the other pair wouldn't even zip, same size and everything; stupid clothing manufacturers!):

So there we go. I'm all ready for the summer, which is shaping up to be a scorcher. We've had more days above 90 than not so far, and it's only June. Those are mid-July temps at the earliest! I think these are going to come in very handy.

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