Tuesday, June 15, 2010

North Carolina Mountains: Day 2 - Deer and Cards

Tuesday was pretty low key. Luke got up at 6:30 AM, as he then proceeded to do every morning we were there. Luke played lots of Wii, and having him upstairs in the "other wing" meant that we (mostly) couldn't hear all the thumping from him jumping up and down while playing. During rest time, Mom and I painted our finger and toe nails. Not only is that unusual in and of itself, but we decided to go with unusual colors (for us). I more commonly use a purple color, and Mom usually goes with a peachy or brownish color. This time, she actually used one of my deeper pinky-purples, and I went with *red*. Hey, it's vacation, why not?

We had an unexpected guest join us for dinner.

I happened to spot it through the french doors next to the large dining table. I had everyone freeze and managed to have Luke stand up and move slowly enough to where he could see without spooking it. Papa even managed to walk to the other side of the house, in front of more floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, without spooking it to get these photos. Luke's first deer! He wanted to know how it got out, LOL.

After dinner, we played cards, a family past time. We chose canasta, and we learned long ago that you get a better shuffle if all of the cards are the same size. Easiest way to ensure that is for them to all be the same brand. But if they all have the same backs, then how do you separate them later? Well, you buy different colors! I forgot to take a photo during actual game play, but it looked like we were playing in Wonderland or something. Imagine these cards all mixed up. Hard to tell the difference in the suits, which means we had to take a poll to make sure the threes we were laying down were red or black, as appropriate. Psychedelic, but fun.

The way we play, one hand takes about an hour, so we can only do 2-3 hands a nights. Thus, playing to 5000 takes a couple of nights. We would continue the game, on Wednesday.

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