Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friends are the family you choose

And I've chosen some great ones over the years, if I do say so myself. We ended up having our own little mini Georgia Tech reunion this weekend, thanks to Katie and Rhiannon's wedding. Got to see some folks I literally had not seen in years! Plus, our friends David and Ina announced that they are expecting. I can't believe she kept that a secret for 20 weeks, the little stinker! (Love ya, girl! LOL) We couldn't be happier for them. With a few kids involved, and trying to coordinate everyone's very busy schedules on Sunday, we decided it would be easier to meet at someone's house as opposed to a restaurant, so people could come and go (and kids could play and be loud) as needed.

Since no one had seen the house except family and Kelli earlier in the week, I decided now was as good a time as any for a housewarming and invited everyone over. We had just 6 days after getting back from North Carolina to get ready! But I think the house showed really well, and everyone really seemed to like it (and were all very forgiving of all the boxes). Thanks for coming everyone. We had a really great time, and we should definitely get together more frequently!

Back: Cyndi, David, Ina, Me, Steve, Luke (on a chair), Alex
Front: Matt, Mandi, Nathan, Connie, Sofia, Talley
Not shown: Denise and Brandon

And for fun, some older group shots over the last 14 (OMG!!) years:

July 4, 1998 (at our wedding; sorry for the very old and crummy scan.)

April 2002 (at David and Ina's wedding)

December 2003 (after Talley's wedding)

August 2004 (Baby shower for "Baby Gaston")

Love y'all!!!
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  1. That is very cool that you've all stayed friends for so long!


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