Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Off to Scotland

No, not me! My best friend from high school, Kelli, and her family are moving to Scotland in early July. They will be gone a minimum of 5 years and might make it a permanent move. Before departing, they decided to make a trek across the country to visit friends and family. She and her son Owen came to visit me Wednesday afternoon while Eric was at a meeting. We watched Owen play, we chatted, we had lunch; a most excellent afternoon, and a perfect way to remember them.

Kelli and I have known each other for nearly 19 years! I just realized that means there have been more years with her in my life than without. DH can't even claim that yet. Wow! Hey Kelli, when did we get old enough to have known each other that long? LOL Admittedly, we have spent most of those 19 years apart - different colleges, different cities, opposite coasts - but we have always remained friends, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Effectively, I suppose being in Scotland and being in San Francisco are not all that different, as long as we continue to stay in touch. I will still miss her terribly, though. I always do.

Currently feeling: missing my friend already

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