Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day 2010: Beach and Bubbles

Well, at this late date (sometime after June 20), it is hard to remember many of the details from our Memorial Day weekend. About the only thing that made it into photographs were going to the beach and playing with the bubbles, with a couple of exceptions. We did visit both my grandfather and my MIL. Here is Luke in the car. When did he get so big and start looking so grown up?

And we ate at an excellent new restaurant in Darien called Skippers Fish Camp. Truly some of the best fried shrimp I have ever eaten (had likely been swimming in the ocean that morning). And Luke loved the outside waiting area. Hey, what's in here?

Is that real?!

No, but these are!

Beyond that, I mainly remember a pretty relaxing weekend. The bubbles did cause Luke to break out into a rash of dime-sized pink spots on his face (from popping the giant bubbles and getting sprayed with the residue), which was a little scary until we realized what had caused it, but a little Benadryl took care of it. I'll leave you with beach and bubble photos.

We started with small ones.

Sure, those are fun, but do you have something bigger? How about this?

Wow! Those will require some specialized battle tactics.

And, attack!

Luke then decided to try his hand at the big bubbles. He did pretty well!

But decided attacking them was way more fun.

And my personal favorite shot of the day. Note that neither foot is on the ground.

And it was a great day at the beach. Sunny with a few clouds and not too hot.

He still gets a big grin on his face when he digs his toes into the wet sand.

Ah, my most favorite type of beach: empty! LOL

Well, not entirely empty.

When did he get big enough to go out that far?

Splashing in the waves and building a sand castle. A most excellent day!

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