Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disney Mints: Past Moments

Anyone remember those thin chocolate wafer mints they used to serve at Disney? I'm sure the design varied over the years, but the one that sticks out in my mind was matte gold foil with a line drawing of each of the (then) three park icons on it. They usually arrived at the table chilled, so there was no hint of mint until it touched your tongue. It was a wonderful surprise! The dark chocolate made a pleasant snapping sound as you bit into it or snapped it in half. They were thin and flat like a coin; I remember them being about the size of a half-dollar, but I was a child, so my sense of scale may be skewed. We usually got one at the end of our meal at a sit down restaurant, and I know they could be purchased in the candy shop. I hadn't thought of them in years, but the memory washed over me quite powerfully last night. It is one of those magical moments that I never thought to capture on camera, and now they are no more. Remember to document even the smallest things about the people and places you love!

I've been meaning to capture more of my memories on my blog. I hope it will be a good resource for both myself and Luke to look back on one day.

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