Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things That Go "Bump" in the Morning

It's been a long weekend. We knew Saturday was shaping up to be busy before we started. Soccer game at 10AM, but team and individual photos at 9:30, and pending rain. We got to watch "real" soccer when it started raining about 8 minutes in. At the 10 minute mark, the bottom fell out, so we called the game. (They're only ages 5 and 6, and this is not a competitive league; not worth someone getting hurt or sick.) The boys got drenched! I didn't take many photos, since I was holding a golf umbrella with 3 boys huddled under it, but this gives you a small idea.

We came home and changed, went for lunch, then came home for a very brief rest (about 45 minutes) before Saturday activity #2: G's birthday party. Luke and G have been good friends for a couple of years now, despite being a year apart in school. They both attend the same daycare center. We actually keep bumping into G and his family around town at restaurants and the grocery store. I think this is the first time we have intentionally been in the same place! They held it at Imagine That!, where the kids built and raced LEGO cars. They played *hard* for over 90 minutes. Luke was exhausted by the time they finished, and he didn't want any of the cookie cake, which isn't really a surprise (it's new, I must not like it, even if it is just a giant chocolate chip cookie!). You can even see him just sitting in DH's lap in one of the only photos I took.

He was flat run down by the time we left, but we still had activity #3 to go: dinner with my grandmother. She lives about 45 minutes away, and my parents were in town visiting her, so we ran out there after the party.

Luke took a little nap on the way and seemed refreshed when we arrived. We were eating at a Chinese buffet, but (of course) Luke doesn't eat there, so we picked up chicken tenders for him. He hardly ate anything, but that is also not uncommon after expending a ton of calories.

The rest of the evening passed quietly, and I was looking forward to just relaxing on Sunday. Yeah, right. Luke ended up getting sick in the night. Not sure if it was just one of his spells or not. He wasn't acting the way he usually does for those, and he was sick just the once, not 2-3 times like usual. We got things cleaned up and put him back to bed just as a *huge* storm came through. Took him about an hour to finally go to sleep after we tucked him in; the thunder and lightning were pretty bad. Normally, if he'd already been asleep, he would have slept right through it, but trying to *go* to sleep with all of that going on just wasn't happening.

Consequently, we are all pretty tired today (Sunday). This might explain how Luke took a tumble this morning. DH was vacuuming. I was at the other end of the house. Above all of the noise, I hear Luke scream in pain. I come racing down the hall, and DH has just abandoned the vacuum cleaner in the dining room, still running. I find him holding a bawling Luke, who is clutching his forehead. This picture was taken around 11 AM, about 45 minutes after it happened.

The chairs were clustered in the living room while DH vacuumed the dining room rug. Luke had decided to play some game, crawling from one chair seat to the other. Apparently he missed one and fell, striking his head on the edge of one of the chair seats as he went down. I could already see a bump forming under the red skin. Of course with any head injury, I checked his pupils, but they were fine. His head didn't hurt when I pressed around the bump, only on the bump itself. I laid him down on the sofa with an ice pack on the bump, trying to control the swelling, and let him watch a cartoon program. When that was over, he said his head hurt (understandable), so I dosed him up with Children's Motrin. We've kept an eye on him all day, but he seems fine. Not much appetite, but that's pretty normal after being sick, and he's tired, but given that we all lost about 90 minutes of sleep last night, that's understandable as well.

This second photo was taken just before 7PM. Most of the swelling has gone down, and most of the redness in the area is also gone, except for where skin made physical contact with the chair. (It's actually a lot redder in person; the flash washes it out.) You can see the flash bouncing off what is left of the bump near the center of the photo. I imagine it will start bruising tomorrow, but hopefully the ice helped with that. Thank goodness we already had his photo taken on Saturday!

Currently feeling: ready for this weekend to end, I think

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