Friday, February 24, 2012

Job Update

It has not been a very good week on the job front, in any capacity. I had a ton of small, medium, and very large things go wrong every single day. (Thankfully, the large thing was in no way my fault, but I'm still the one who has to get it fixed.) It was just a miserable week. I also received the call I have both wanted (to end the suspense of "when will it be") and dreaded: my off payroll date, which is March 30.

I had one small lead on a job. A company I had contact with in my old job had left the business back in early 2011, but they had renegotiated things with the client and were coming back into the fold, meaning they would be needing a project manager. I was on the short list, as was one of my current coworkers. I had sent in my resume last week, and I called on Tuesday just to make sure they had received it and see if they had an idea of when interviews might start. Apparently, the answer was "right now," and I had a phone interview on the spot. They were going to contact the other candidate(s) to complete the interview process, and they hoped to make an offer to someone before the end of the week. He promised to let me know either way, and he did keep his word.

As you have probably already guessed, I didn't get it. They went with my coworker instead. She actually worked for them previously doing project management, before they shut down, so it was essentially rehiring her for her previous job and position. Not really a surprise, and I am genuinely happy for her. I'm not sad or upset or angry, just disappointed that I have to continue job hunting, which I detest. The hiring manager did say that he will keep my resume close and will definitely call me if something opens up with them. It is at least possible that they may need to hire another PM if they start getting sufficient volume assigned to them, but that would be several weeks or months from now, and I'd like to hope (fingers crossed) that I'll already have a new job by that time. As nice as it is to know it was a very tough decision for them, that doesn't get me any closer to continued employment. No choice but to keep looking.

P.S. MIL is still in the hospital. DH left this morning to ensure her transfer to a new doctor and a much larger hospital in Brunswick (where my parents live) went well. They're still struggling to figure out exactly what's going on. She's doing okay, certainly better than she was Saturday and Sunday, but still not nearly well enough to go home yet. I'll update Saturday or Sunday when we (hopefully) have more information on her condition.

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