Saturday, February 25, 2012

MIL still in the hospital

I know I've been quiet this week. It has been a *very* long week. DH was home only about 48 hours before returning to his mother's. She had a very bad day and seemed to be backsliding, more than even is usual for 3-4 days post-op. Both he and his brother arrived Friday to make sure she was transferred to the larger hospital in Brunswick, where my parents live. That hospital literally has almost 10 times the number of beds, plus access to many local specialists that just don't live near the smaller hospital so many miles away. We are grateful the small hospital was there to provide her the urgent and immediate care she clearly needed, but with things still lingering and not improving as they should, it was time to go somewhere with a wider away of treatment options at the ready.

She is now settled in at the larger hospital and under the care of a doctor that my mom thinks the world of. As she said, "if there's something to find, he will find it." We're actually hoping he doesn't find anything but a woman who *was* very sick but is now on the mend, but we shall see. Only some more time, and a bunch of additional tests, will tell for sure. Hopefully DH will come home Sunday night (I don't know how all of you single parents do this every day!!), but that depends on how she is doing and what tests remain. Keep on sending any good thoughts, prayers, and healing vibes you have to spare. Thanks.

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