Sunday, February 19, 2012

MIL in the hospital

Please keep my mother-in-law in your thoughts and prayers. We received a call yesterday afternoon that she had gone to the emergency room that morning and was being taken into surgery. She had been feeling bad for a couple of weeks and had been to the doctor, who thought it was some sort of virus. Things got a little better, but took a dramatic turn for the worse yesterday. After running several tests and being unhappy with the results, they ran some more tests and did some scans, which resulted in the surgery.

The good news is that the surgery showed it wasn't the bad thing they thought it was. They did find some less serious things while they were in there, but nothing that sufficiently explains her symptoms, particularly the massive infection she clearly has somewhere. So while it's good that it wasn't what they thought it was, it also unfortunately means we don't really know what the problem is. With as sick as she is, that is not a good thing.

DH is on his way down to see her. Hopefully they'll have some additional test results back by the time he gets there. Luke and I are staying at home. That is a hard trip to make under the best of circumstances (300 miles (483 km) one way; hopefully just down today, then back on Monday), plus Luke started running a fever of about 101F/38.3C yesterday. The last thing she needs is exposure to that kind of sickness, and Luke really doesn't need to be doing that much hard traveling while he's so sick, so he and I are home while DH makes that very long drive alone in the rain expected all day across the whole state of Georgia. He's supposed to text me when he gets there, and he'll call me later with an update. Until then, I'll try not to fret, but I make no promises.

Currently feeling: hoping we get an answer and effective treatment soon


  1. All best wishes for MIL, and hugs for you and Luke - often the hardest part is sitting and waiting for news.

  2. Prayers for your MIL and your family. Hope they get her well soon. Hugs.


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