Saturday, May 05, 2012

Reason I Love My Husband #3762

An example of how sometimes frighteningly in synch DH and I are: As mentioned previously, we saw The Avengers yesterday. Now, we all know that big budget action flicks in general, and super hero films in particular, are chronically prone to *not* following the laws of physics. Willing suspension of disbelief is required, and for the most part (in spite of being engineers), we just let it go, often not even realizing that something was wonky until after the fact because we're just enjoying the moment.

However, The Avengers did have one moment that was so egregious to me that it jerked me "out of the moment" with my brain screaming "nuh-uh!" (Hulk jumps onto the nose of one of the alien ships and then uses his strength to "redirect" it. Um, no, you blatantly and absolutely CANNOT do that, no matter how strong you are!) It just kept eating at me, as much just to verify that I was right as anything.

Here's the funny part. I started this conversation with DH, mentioning that I know these movies don't really obey physics, but there was one singular moment that was just *so* wrong that it was annoying me. He looks right at me and says, "you mean where Hulk jumped on the ship and turned it?"

I so love this man! LOL

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