Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good Neighbors

It's good to have good neighbors. We've never really known many of our neighbors before. Still don't, for that matter, but more than we did a few weeks ago. When Luke started riding the bus home in the afternoon, we discovered that one of his classmates lives in our neighborhood. His mom invited us over to play, and she and I clicked immediately. She told me to call her if I ever needed anything, and of course I said the same.

Today, however, I had to take her at her word. Luke has been very tired lately, bordering on overtired (might be growing), so I decided to let him sleep a bit this morning. Instead of getting him up at 6 AM, I left him in bed until about 6:45. All we had to do was leave by 7:15, and he would still be at school on time. He got up, ate breakfast, and changed. As he was putting on his shoes, I went to get my car keys. Um, yeah, car keys. You mean, the car keys that I put in the glove compartment of the other car for the soccer game on Saturday and never retrieved them? The car that is now in downtown Atlanta at my husband's office? Yeah, those car keys.

I immediately called L to see if she had left to take C to school yet. She was just about to leave and would be happy to take Luke with her, if we had a spare booster seat. I ran to the carport to check my car doors, expecting them to be locked, but I had accidentally left my car unlocked last night (sure, *now* you don't automatically lock the doors, though that's a good thing this time), so I could get to his booster seat out. She drove up, we put him in the back seat next to C, and off they went.

Whew! Crisis averted. I either would have had to wait for DH to come all the way back home, or I'd have had to call a cab. Neither of those would have been a pleasant option, and Luke probably would have been late for school either way. Instead, through the generosity of a friend, things worked out fine; a friend, I should mention, that I didn't even know six weeks ago. Things sure have a funny way of working out.

Currently feeling: relieved and thankful for good neighbors

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