Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Olympics - London 2012 - Middle Weekend

Luke is finally getting into the swimming, now that it's mostly over. He showed a lot of interest in the synchronized diving; I guess "did they do the same thing at the same time" is pretty easy for him to understand, more so than the gymnastics scoring. He also wanted to go outside and "race" (run) on Sunday, which was pretty funny. He finds the hurdles fascinating. He's not as interested in the Olympics in general as he was at first, but he's still watching a fair bit of it. I have quiet enjoyed the handball, much more than I expected. And I feel compelled to mention Michael Phelps and his history-making moments. It will be nice to tell my grandchildren, "I remember that."

I'm doing quite well on trying to see a little bit of everything from the Olympics. I think I might have missed the sailing, though. Maybe I can catch it online. I also discovered that Get Glue does not have stickers for rowing or walking, and I guess they are considering track cycling part of regular cycling. Interesting. I don't think I'll be getting boxing, I'll have to catch up to claim sailing. I know taekwondo, wrestling, and rhythmic gymnastics are still to come. I'll have to see if there is anything else I've missed. Not too many stickers left to get, but I did get gold! LOL

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