Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Granny, Layout, and 101

Just some snippets this time. I'm too tired for much else. I think Luke and I have a bit of a tummy bug, as neither of us seemed to feel very good today, and I think he was running a minor fever this afternoon. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.
* My grandmother is being moved back to her retirement home tomorrow. She is not doing quite as well as she was last time I posted, but all of her doctors think that the best thing for her right now is to get back in the environment she is familiar with. That should help tremendously with her confusion, and when the confusion clears, she should be able to take all of her meds by mouth without issue. I'll keep you posted.
* I have posted a new layout on my scrapping blog, called Outside.
* I knocked two more items off of my 101 list. #51: Buy a new vacuum (which is amazing!) and #100: Frame my Disney lithograph. 40% off coupons do wonders for that sort of thing.

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  1. Your scrapping blog is wonderful, but I admit I looked at it with a hesitant heart...I *do not* need to be sucked into another hobby! LOL

    BTW, I missed you at the GTG on Saturday. I'm sorry to hear your grandmother is not doing as well as you hoped.:(



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