Monday, June 05, 2006

Is the weekend over yet?

Why, I do declare! I believe it is finally Monday! Man, what a crummy weekend. It was one of those where nothing major or particular happened or went wrong, just a bunch of tiny little things. But when you have a small letdown or disappointment or frustration every 30-60 minutes, *all* weekend long, plus a child having multiple meltdowns per day and giving you a heart check to start the weekend, you are quite happy for it all just to be over.

Before I start this little story, allow me to state that Luke is perfectly fine! No need for anyone to have momentary heart failure like I did. He decided Friday to start the weekend off "right" by scaring me to death! He was "helping" us put up groceries in the kitchen, lost his balance, and fell, catching himself reflexively with his hands. He immediately started screaming, and when he stood up, his right hand was just hanging limp. You can imagine what went through my mind. I fiddled with it, and I couldn't tell if he was just still upset or screaming about what I was doing. He finally started moving it, and when DH said "give me five," he did so without wincing or whimpering. He then started carrying and stacking canned food (a favorite hobby), which I figure would be too heavy for him were it actually broken. It looked a little puffy, so I called my mother (the RN) just to make sure, and she declared him fine. Sure could have done without the excitement, though.

And the rest of the weekend went downhill from there. ::sigh:: Food was crummy or incorrect. What little Luke ate of it. Between meltdowns. Service was bad and/or slow no matter where we shopped. We had to buy a new vacuum. No one got a decent nap. The cats were misbehaving. Etc, etc, etc. That's all I really care to say about the rest of it. I'm just ready to forget the whole thing. As Miss Stacy and Anne noted in Anne of Green Gables, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." Well, not yet.

Currently feeling: *thud*


  1. Next weekend will be better. Know why? Because I'm coming to visit!

    I defy Luke to have a meltdown when Auntie Kirsten is around!

  2. Sorry your weekend was so disappointing. Toddlers can be so unpredictable with the meltdowns and such.

  3. Thank goodness he didn't break something. Last year when my nephew was visiting, they'd been here for no more than maybe 20 minutes before he disobeyed both me and his uncle and climbed on the swingset where we told him not to and he fell off and broke his arm. ON OUR WATCH! I still feel guilty about it to this day. Neither one of us could get to him fast enough and it's like we watched him fall in slow motion.... after we'd told him not to climb there without one of us right beside him. KIDS! Hope the meltdowns are fewer this week and next weekend. It's so hard when they're too little to reason with well.

  4. "Mama always said..." That's why little kids are so short, is so that they don't have far to fall.

    Here's hoping for better days ahead!


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