Monday, June 19, 2006

The Pink Kitty

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We were in Target yesterday, and naturally, DH and Luke went to visit the toys while I picked up the things we actually were shopping for. When I returned to the toy section to retrieve them, they were on the baby toy aisle. They were looking at the Little People sets (opposite the infant toys, for some reason), and I saw the cutest, softest pink kitten with white and purple trim, marked with a bright orange "clearance" sticker on its tag. My friend Leah is having a girl (due the second week of October), and I've been eyeing these little toys for a while now, and here they are over half off. They also have doggies, but they are white with blue trim; clearly meant for little boys. Only one kitty, though, so I pick it up and put it in the basket.

As soon as Luke saw it, he started saying "mew, mew" (which is his "word" for kitty). Then he starts fussing for it. Great. Here Luke, we'll get you one of the puppies! They look practically the same; mainly just a difference in the shape of the ears (and the coloring, obviously). I'm not objecting to it being a kitty, or even being pink for that matter, I just intended the cat for Leah! Nope, he was having none of that. Handed him the kitty, he started mewing at it and babbling to it and loving on it. Great. The only freakin' kitty in the place, and he wants it. Not the cute little puppy that looks almost the same (though he didn't mew at it, so they clearly look more different than I thought), but the pink kitty. He held on to it and played with it in the cart, he fussed when we gave it to the cashier to pay for it, and he held it all the way home in the car. So now I have to find something else to go in my gift basket for her. And my son is very attached to his new pink kitty.

Two quick scrapping things. #1: To Cat (the person who left me a comment, not the feline), I am not ignoring your comment, I am just working diligently on a real answer for you! Look for it in the next few days. #2: New layout posted. Just cracked it out real fast. I don't love it, but I like it fine. First Father's Day.

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  1. Oh I think that's terribly funny! What a cute story, although I do understand your frustration.

  2. Very funny - isn't it amazing what they latch onto sometimes. Katie is very attached to a spongebob toy that Alex got in a happy meal ages ago!


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