Friday, June 16, 2006

My first chat

I finally participated in my first successful chat tonight. I've done the IM thing, and I use Google's chat feature occasionally to converse with my brother, but I've never successfully done the full-scale chat thing online before. (The one time I tried before, it kept kicking me out of the chat. I couldn't stay "in the room" for more than about 10 seconds, so I gave up.) Wow, how confusing! But I got through it. And I have the free kits to prove it! They asked everyone to create layouts using the free kits as a thank you, so I did. I actually did two, one for each free kit. Hey, they are large and awesome kits! I wanted to show my appreciation. :-) One is of my best friend's wedding from June 2004, Connie and Jaime. The other is pretty self-explanatory: Luke, Day One. Enjoy!

Currently feeling: beyond time for bed

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