Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another - A Dream Come True

Wow, these pictures are so old, it is from before I had my blog!! Sheesh. But they are of July 4th (and the preceeding week), so still timeframe appropriate. This was truly a dream trip for us. We were gone over a week, we had a rockin' price on a famous hotel (The Parker House, of Parker House rolls and Boston Cream Pie fame) in downtown Boston, we rented a car and went to Newport, RI, for a day to visit the mansions (something I had also always wanted to do, but we lost all but these two photos in a computer crash, so I have nothing to show for it), we went to Fenway Park, and we spent July 4th with The Boston Pops on The Esplanade. Awesome trip, and certainly one I will never forget. A Dream Come True

Look for probably two more layouts from me by the end of the weekend. Hey, I haven't done a single one in almost two weeks!

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