Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lotsa Scrapping

Three layouts in 24 hours. Not bad! I had deadlines (for posting prizes) and great inspiration. Funny how much easier that makes things. I'm also posting a fourth layout from a couple of days ago that I never put here for some reason. Not much else going on; nothing really to say. Looks like CATS Nashville may not happen due to a schedule conflict with a family tradition, but perhaps that will make CNSF more likely? Time will tell. Anyway, hope you enjoy these:

Nature Boy: Luke at play outside

Fraser River: great photo, courtesy of Christine (mtrlgirl)

Rough Day: Bengal having a Calgon moment

4 Things - Movies: a challenge based on the meme

Currently feeling: prolific

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  1. Nice layouts and happy belated birthday! Hey, at least you'll always be younger than me - I hit the big 3-0 two years ago already! :)


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