Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where do adults come from?

Or older children, for that matter? Maybe *that's* what really grows in the cabbage patch. Has to be, because I see no way that any human baby makes it past the age of two without being throttled by its parents.

Currently feeling: beyond hope


  1. I so get that.

    I've been wondering about boarding schools that take 2 1/2 year olds.

    Although more seriously, no matter how frustrated he makes me, after watching him lying crying on the safe yesterday sick, I'd have given anything to have him pulling everything out of the cupboards or whatever usually drives me crazy.

  2. You poor thing Erin :( Luckily there are still gold moments among the tantrums, or it would be really hard to keep sight of why we have kids! Finn is way past the terrible-twos, but unfortunately the 'behaviour' has returned with a vengeance since little sister arrived.

  3. ((Erin)) I have my moments I want to strangle Katie too! They do grow out of it though - I promise (well mostly). I almost never want to strangle Alex anymore (he's almost 11), though the teenage years may change me back into the muttering, fist-clenched fool I sometimes become when Katie is testing me.


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