Monday, July 17, 2006

The Tell-Tale Eeyore

With my apologies to Poe. These are the kinds of little things that I keep forgetting to write down about Luke's childhood, so I am going to try to be better about it.

How do you know when Luke is ready to get up? Sure, you hear him rustling, maybe talking and playing. And it is fine to go get him at that point if you want. But you know that true fussing is about to ensue when you hear Eeyore. I bought this super-soft small Eeyore doll on a trip to Texas when I was pregnant with him (went twice while I was pregnant, actually, but this was the second trip for Connie's wedding because DH was with me). We were in a used bookstore, and Steve comes up from the depths of the kids section holding the cutest little baby Pooh and baby Eeyore you have ever seen. But the kicker? Eeyore rattled when you shook him. So they came home, and we have been using them in Luke's crib ever since he was old enough to have stuffed animals. You will occasionally hear him rattle at night, keeping Luke company, but presently his primary purpose is to symbolize that naptime or bedtime is over. When Eeyore hits the floor, you'd better get up! It's even become a "catch phrase" at the house now. Conversation usually goes like this: Is it time to get him? "I don't know. Is Eeyore down?" LOL

And I think I'll sneak a layout into this post, too: Playground Tunnel.

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  1. LOL, we have an almost identical situationwith Lia except it's a rattle-y cat.

    I guess we should be grateful they give us some warning... :)


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