Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Venetian and The 80s

What a combination, eh? (Sorry, that's my Canadian slipping out. I actually got to speak with a Canadian weather goddess this evening after she volunteered me to be the guinea pig for her new internet phone service. It was fun!)

Anyway, two more layouts for today. One is of the fountain in the lobby of The Venetian in Las Vegas; photo by Sandi Engiles (SandiInVA to all you stitching board people). I absolutely loved this photo when I saw it hiding amongst the rest of her Vegas bathroom pictures (don't ask).

The second, which is not very good in the design department, is great in the "oh man, I remember that!" department for any child of the 80s. It was an impromptu challenge to scrap something you loved from the 80s, so what could be more appropriate than my favorite 80s cartoons. See what kind of memories it brings back for you! I {heart} 80s Cartoons

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