Friday, July 21, 2006

Charity, Layouts, and Plans

Probably should have worded the title differently, since I'm starting with plans. My parents are visiting this weekend to celebrate my birthday (which is Monday), and I should FINALLY be able to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the theater, Yay!

I have two more layouts to share with you, both done yesterday (or really early this morning), and each done using a different charity kit. All proceeds from the purchase of these kits goes to help families of children with cancer (specific families, which ones are detailed with the kits). The first one is All Star, featuring the Ethan's Hope Charity Kit, which is huge huge huge! The second one is Mouse Ears, featuring the Kaleidoscope of Hope charity kit from Guardian Peas (everything at this site is for charity). No affiliation, just a happy customer, but all of these kits will be discontinued after July 31, so if you want them, get them now. Enjoy!

Currently feeling: ready to sail


  1. The new layouts look great - congrats!!

  2. Happy Birthday for Monday and enjoy your weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday a few days early! Hope you have a great weekend with the 'rents! :)


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