Saturday, March 03, 2007

Doing well so far

We made it without incident. Well, besides being 20 minutes late to the rehearsal. But considering we left an hour later than we intended, that's really not so bad. We split the drive fairly evenly. He drove before lunch while he was fresh; I drove after lunch so he could nap and be fresh for the evening. We didn't stay too late at the dinner either. Left just after 8. And I think her mom was expecting about 100 people instead of about 30, LOL! It was insane, but very yummy. And they ordered more food for this afternoon (the after-wedding party for out-of-town folks). She's going to have to buy a commercial refrigerator/freezer just to store all the leftovers. Either that, or she won't have to cook again until April.

Anyway, it's almost 9, and we have to be there at 10:30. Better start getting ready. Pictures sometime next week! And I know I'm a couple of hours early, but I would like to say:

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gaston!

Oh, and happy birthday to my grandmother! She is 74 today. As a gift, I am sending my son (by way of her daughter/my mother) to celebrate with her for lunch today.
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