Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Need some good furbaby thoughts, if you have some to spare

This is not at all what I thought I'd be posting tonight. I thought it would be the first installment of our Disney recap. Instead, one of our four cats, Shadow, seems to be sick. Now she is the most sensitive to our being gone for long periods (almost a week, in this case), but our cat sitter (who checked on them every other day, with our permission) just told us that they found her on Saturday with her paws caught in her collar. She couldn't move or anything, and there was no telling how long she had been like that. (Obviously, she was fine when we left Tuesday.) They said she ate and drank some right after they unhooked her, and walked out of the room fine. She was there to greet us when we came home yesterday, but we didn't see much of her last night. We thought she was just sulking because we had been gone. She has lost a good bit of weight, she isn't walking well, and she is not voluntarily moving very much. She has an appointment for 9:30 tomorrow morning at the vet, and we will monitor her throughout the night.

She is our oldest kitty. We got her less than 2 months after we got married, and we think she was born right around the day we got married. She survived intestinal parasites (that her sister did not) as a kitten. And she is *definitely* DH's cat. She is his "baby girl." She is queen bee of the house, and she keeps the others in line, even when they want to pick on the "new kitty." Please, if you have any good thoughts to spare for her, we'd all really appreciate it.

Currently feeling: worried about my kitty


  1. purrrrrrrrrrrs n headbutts for Shadow. Get better soon!!!

    Mungo n Teazer
    (n JennL at Needleful Things)

  2. (((Hugs))) to you and your kitty!


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