Monday, March 05, 2007

Wedding pictures

The wedding went very well. Even started on time, believe it or not! LOL And we could not have ordered more perfect weather. It just went great. Here are a few pictures:

Mike and DH, just as Jennifer entered the room:

Her bridesmaids and her beautiful dress:

Exchanging Rings:

The Kiss:

The Wedding Party:

Cutting the cake (I'm so proud of this shot with the mirror):

And finally, DH and me:

Currently feeling: camera'd out!


  1. Loved seeing the photos. You're right, that mirror one ROCKS!

  2. Wonderful pics!! The wedding gown is absolutely beautiful!! Yep - the mirror pic is the best.

  3. Fabulous pictures ! And I love your dress, by the way :)

  4. Great pics!! I agree, the mirror shot is schnazzi!! However, my favorite is of you and Steve - the very handsome, beautifully happy couple!!


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