Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shadow update; not good

She was looking pretty bad, so we went on and took her to the emergency vet. It's like deja vu from what we had 9 years ago with her sister when they were kittens (who died from multiple organ failure due to severe dehydration from a parasitic infection; Shadow managed to survive). She is severely dehydrated (down to 5.5 pounds from about 9), probably due to her kidneys, and they suspect her pancreas as well. Her temp was at 97 (instead of normal of about 101) when they arrived, and even with fluids, it has continued to fall. They do not know the cause.

We decided to keep her overnight. They said it has probably been going on for longer than a week (i.e. didn't happen while we were gone, it just became more pronounced), but since we see her every day, it was hard to tell she was losing weight and slowing down little by little. The treatments will help with any pain she might be in, and it gives her the only chance of recovery (which is slim right now). Mainly, they will buy us time to get Luke to daycare and her to her regular vet in the morning, to see what possibilities there are, but most likely all that can be done will be for us to say goodbye. My heart is just breaking right now. I feel like we failed her.

Currently feeling: shattered


  1. Oh, you poor, poor, poor things. Losing a cat is heart breaking. I'm thinking of you all.

  2. I'm so sorry Erin. (((Big hugs))).


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