Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 CD Calendar Revealed

I'm sure you have all been waiting with bated breath, but it is finally here! The 2008 CD Calendar I did of Luke for family is finally ready to be revealed. To keep from clogging up this page with 12 rather large photos, I am putting up 12 teeny tiny photos. Hopefully, they will be enough to get your attention, and you will then click here to see the large versions, with the full and complete understanding that the page you are going to may take a bit to load. But it is worth it, I promise! Here are your teaser pics:

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  1. Oh my gosh, it is gorgeous! Excellent work.

  2. Congrats Erin!! They all look fantastic!

  3. Great job, Erin! Happy New Year to you all!

  4. Cathy (froggingpro)1/01/2008 11:46 AM

    Erin, that calendar is amazing (so are Luke's blue eyes! ;) )

    Happy New Year!


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