Thursday, December 06, 2007

If I had more dollars than sense....

I've never been into the whole "train circling the Christmas tree" thing. We didn't have one, we didn't know anyone who had one, and aside from my father, no one in my family is very into trains. BUT, if I had the money to spend, I would *totally* be getting one of these to go around our big tree (that we don't put up any more, but this might inspire me to do so) for my completely LEGO-crazy and train-enthralled son:

Currently feeling: missing my big tree this year


  1. I am trying to resist getting the small wooden Thomas Christmas set to go around our tree. I can't put presents under there until Christmas Eve, because Patrick can't keep his hands to himself, and I'd like to have something there.

  2. Oh you evil person!! I won't let M see this. He is very into trains (legos too) and has 3 different sets. In fact, his big christmas gift this year is a train table..shhhh.


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