Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Christmas Computer Miracle

Looks like we have been given a second chance. Apparently, booting up the desktop in Safe Mode seems to have corrected whatever glitch we were having. Things seem to be working fine. However, we are not going to assume that all is hunky-dorey. We will spend our newly-granted time wisely and shop for the computer we want as a replacement (instead of having to rush through the decision today without being able to really think things through). We'd like to put it off until after Christmas (and my first paycheck, which will not be until early January), but we'll just see how well it behaves the rest of the month.
Currently feeling: aggrivated with technology

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  1. Yay! We had a virus thingy earlier in the year and I do have to say that the external hard drive is totally worth it! At least there are some pretty good sales going on b/c of the season. We've had good luck with the refurbished Dell we bought from their website.


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