Monday, December 10, 2007

Chillbeard must be on vacation

Chillbeard, Lord of Winter and Master of the North Winds! And if anyone knows what that reference is from, without using an internet search engine, I am going to be incredibly impressed. There might even be a little prize in it for you, who knows. (And I stress little!) You're on the honor system, though; no internet "cheating."

Anyway, seems that Chillbeard has taken a vacation, and spring has returned to Atlanta. ::checks calendar:: Well, the calendar is insisting it is mid-December. The thermometer seems to disagree. We set a record high here yesterday at 76 degrees (24.5 C), which is a trend that should continue for the next several days. (I'm sure those caught in the recent ice storm have no sympathy for me.) We're supposed to go see the Christmas lights at Centennial Olympic Park on Wednesday. It will be our first time, and I *refuse* to wear short sleeves! It's the principle of the thing. It might be a little cool after the sun goes down, so I'll bring a long sleeved shirt to change Luke into after we eat dinner. I can't send him to school in long sleeves with highs in the 70s, though; he'd burn up.

Currently feeling: rather warm

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  1. Make sure you stop through Pemberton Place too - that's the park just north of COP that is between the Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola. They have lights and a tree there too, and the Coke bottle tower does a light show. Have fun!


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