Saturday, December 01, 2007

Desktop Demise

Well that's just peachy. Our desktop just died. We were going to buy a new one, probably as a joint birthday gift to ourselves next year. All it had to do was last 9 more months! Now, not only do we not have a desktop computer, we have no computer that will run Luke's favorite computer game (Lego Star Wars), and I have no computer that will run my graphics software so that I can finish the 2008 CD calendars!! The laptop is still functional (obviously), but it would choke trying to run either of those things. Both computers are 3.5 years old, but still! Is it really too much to ask to get 4+ years out of a stupid piece of electronics?

Thank goodness I am a smart woman and chose to back everything up before I left for Thanksgiving, just in case. The external hard drive still works fine (it is currently connected to the very laptop on which I am typing), so everything I backed up on it is also there. The last couple of things that were not backed up that I wanted (like fonts, which I only back up every 3-6 months) are burning to a CD right now (from Safe Mode).

Guess I know what DH and I are getting each other for Christmas. The thing that really sucks is that it is DH who is going to be hurt by this. He bought my Christmas present back in October! I haven't bought a single thing for him, and with a new desktop in our future, I won't be spending nearly as much as I planned. Guess it is good that it happened before we spent our entire Christmas budget rather than after, but please!

We've had one major something happen, financially speaking, basically every month since August. August, I found out I couldn't start a new contract for 90 days, which killed our budget for the rest of the year, including having to accept financial help so Luke can stay in daycare (otherwise it would wipe out a not-insignificant portion of our savings account, which those helping felt it was more important to keep on hand in case of true emergency). September was a new washer and dryer, which we felt confident getting because there were no other large expenses planned for the rest of the year (haha, the joke's on us). October was mattresses and new bedding for Luke. November was a nice chunk of change for car repairs. And now, (apparently) December is both Christmas *and* a new computer. Can we please just get a break?

Guess it is a good thing my paperwork came in from the contracting company today. Then again, I got papers (and computer equipment!) last time around with this, and still didn't get the job. My start date is December 17. Either the third time is the charm, or it is three strikes and I'm out. Keep your fingers crossed, please!

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  1. That sucks about the computer. Good luck about the job.


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