Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not sure if this is better or worse

Well, it may not be an ear infection after all. It might be a tummy bug! Yeah, guess why I think that? ::rolls eyes:: (TMI Warning! Feel free to skip this paragraph and the next. I'm sure you can imagine the contents.) In fact, it happened literally within 5 seconds of pressing "publish" on my last post. We just finished cleaning him up and putting him back to bed. And, it was not a "cough until you throw up" thing this time; it was definitely a stomach issue.

I didn't think he was acting like he felt well when he got up, and once this morning, I really did think he was going to puke (just a look on his face at one point). But he didn't, he said he felt fine, he was eating fine, and there was no fever, so I convinced myself I had imagined it. He does usually cough a lot before he throws up (probably trying to keep himself from being sick; I usually clear my throat a *lot* if I feel nauseous), so maybe the cough was related to being sick to his stomach and not to his ears? I did comment to DH an hour or so ago when the coughing spell started that it seemed slightly odd since there was no runny nose to go with it (like there usually is with an ear infection-causing cold).

I'm just not sure if a tummy bug is better or worse than an ear infection. If tonight is the end of it, then I'll take the tummy bug. If it continues into tomorrow, ugh. And so help me, if it ends up being both (i.e. he still comes down with an ear infection for Christmas), I think I'm going to scream! Geez, I'm starting to think "sick" should be one of my blogging categories. Sheesh!

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